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Snooker table

: Cue up the right equipment and take your snooker to another level!Although snooker has really gained in popularity in recent years thanks to live television coverage, the modern game was first invented more than a century ago. Riley snooker supplies have been a major feature in the game for nearly as long, with the company being founded in the 1890s. Whilst some companies dwell on past glories, Riley uses its history as a foundation on which to build a future in which technology plays a crucial role. You can trust them to have pretty much any model of snooker table for sale at very competitive prices.If you want a table that stands out from the crowd, then you can choose from an assortment of different wood and pocket finishes.Remember to take into account the importance of the dimensions of the room where the table is to be located.It'll be a case of 'Ken Doherty, eat your heart out' once you get going with your new kit!